Adding A Roommate To Your Lease

Adding A Roommate To Your Lease

Category: Renter Corner

Communication with your landlord is absolutely key on this issue. Always check with your management office before letting someone move into your apartment.

It is very likely that your new roommate will have to go through the same application process that you did – credit check, employment verification, rental history. Most landlords will want your new roommate to sign a lease in order for them to share the same rights and responsibilities as any other co-tenant. Including the new roommate on the lease is far more than a formality. The lease makes it completely clear that your new roommate shares in the financial responsibilities of the apartment.

Will adding a new roommate violate occupancy limits? Your county as well as your landlord sets these limits. If adding a new roommate puts you above the limit of occupants for your size unit, your landlord will be unable to allow another person to move in.

Remember that if your landlord discovers that you have an unreported occupant, you may be in breach of your lease. This may be enough to evict you and your unauthorized roommate from your apartment.