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Middlebury IN 46540, United States
Point of Contact: Chelsie Cupp
How much is Chelsie looking to pay in rent?: $-100
Chelsie is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Chelsie smoke: No
Does Chelsie need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Chelsie have a pet?: Yes

Hi, I'm Chelsie Cupp I am 20 I live with my parents still and ready to move out, I have my own vehicle, I have two dogs but they'll be staying with my parents I have two brothers
Additional Information
I am open to living in an apartment, but I prefer to live in a house, I am looking for a roommate who is comfortable with kids with disabilities and my friends and family visiting once in a while. I do have a learning disability but I don't want it to affect anything if I need help with anything I will ask, I don't mind if you have kids or pets I can help with groceries and bills, I don't mind living with male or female I prefer to live with someone that is 20-28

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