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Manchester NH 03104, United States
Point of Contact: Nicole Levasseur
How much is Nicole looking to pay in rent?: $600
Nicole is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Nicole smoke: No
Does Nicole need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Nicole have a pet?: Yes

More than an unfurnished room and a financial agreement; I’m searching for a complimentary fit with personality and lifestyle. I believe what you surround yourself with affects you...!
Additional Information
Let me begin my saying that as a female, I can only live with another female. Please respect that and refrain from contacting me otherwise, thank you. I’m 35, with Christian values and work fulltime (and overtime) for a mortgage company in Manchester and I just became certified as a Health Coach! I love to exercise and passionate about eating healthy and cooking. I have a small 13 lb, 9.5 year old dog, he’s a Bichon / Maltese / Poodle mix who is a wonderful and polite fluffball. We are very clean, quiet and respectful. I have some indoor plants that have been with me a long time. I enjoy using a knitting machine to make scarves, reading, journaling and going on walks / jogs or hikes. If I watch tv, it’s Netflix or (look it up it’s really cool). We’re searching for a quiet, peaceful home and I’m looking forward to being alone very much. I keep my space very clean and organized: that would extend to all common areas of the home.

Let me share my daily routine to see if that will fit into your lifestyle. I’m an early bird - up at 5am, exercise and stretch at 530, shower at 7, breakfast at 730, head to work at 8/815. Leave work at 5pm, have dinner, practice yoga, relax or hobbies, bed at 9pm. Weekends I might sleep in an hour or two, then relax, do some chores, tasks or hobbies, time with my dog, food shopping and prep, talk to family…

I would need a private dedicated space for my yoga mat and to exercise, maybe my room will be large enough or there’s some other space in the home that will work? I am a very light sleeper so it’s important the home is quiet after 9pm. If you’re a heavy sleeper that would be ideal because I’m up and moving around early in the morning. If you had a calm, gentle dog (of any size) that would be ideal, because my dog is very gentle and likes his space. I currently have a retired neighbor that walks my dog with his every afternoon during the week, so I’d want to figure out a way to continue that in our new home. Making sure my little guy is happy and healthy is very important to me!

Deal Breakers: children, high energy dogs, cats (I’m allergic), smoking, heavy drinking, drug use, parties, many visitors, chronic messes / disorganization…

I’m hoping to find a professional woman of any age that has a welcoming home to share with someone who will appreciate it. Someone who is clean, quiet and respectful that wants the home environment to stay tidy and peaceful… Someone who wants to create space in the kitchen for someone new, with laundry on site, off street parking, maybe even a backyard?

Living together is an important decision, so scheduling time to get familiar with each other would be greatly appreciated. I have great references and credit. Looking forward to meeting my new roomie, thank you!

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